Curriculum Development
and Implementation


Adhere to the required K-12 curriculum while giving your students an edge through a computer science program that is based on international standards.


Benefit from a program where the course system is specially designed to fit your school’s program structure.


Work with JACK’s team of experts to craft a computer science curriculum based on your school’s specific goals and needs.

Let’s work together to build a curriculum that will help your students become future-ready!

After-School Program

Bring JACK’s brand of coding education to your school
and take advantage of the following:

  • Complementary program to the school’s existing curriculum
  • Enrichment program to help develop the students’ coding skills
  • Fun, interactive sessions that combat online learning fatigue
  • Customized classes to meet the school’s objectives
  • Program structure and schedule based on the school’s preference

Take the next step to empower your students through code!