About JACK

The Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge, Inc. (JACK) is a premier coding school with a mission to provide young students top-notch, student-centered coding education that will allow them to thrive, grow, and contribute to an ever-evolving digital world.

Since its founding in 2016, JACK has taught thousands of students and has mentored young coders who have achieved success on international stages, such as the AppJamming Summit in Hong Kong and Tech Kids Grand Prix in Japan. It has also become a trusted partner of schools in developing and implementing their computer science curriculum.

Today, JACK remains committed to empowering the youth through CODE. By equipping kids and teens with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate today's technology-driven world, JACK ultimately empowers them to become creators of technology and architects of their own future.

Core Values


JACK believes in continuously seeking opportunities for growth.

By continuously building on our knowledge, expanding our abilities, and honing our skills, we are able to provide our students with a high-quality learning experience where they are encouraged to do the same.


JACK's commitment to innovation is reflected in its curriculum where students learn the latest and the most relevant technical course content.
JACK also employs modern methodologies in implementing its curriculum that provides access to interactive activities and content resources.


JACK applies a student-centered pedagogy and a personal learning approach. Students learn in an inclusive environment where they are free to express their ideas, ask questions, try new things, and ideate for solutions. Students are also given opportunities to showcase personal learning through alternative assessments.

JACK Through the Years

Meet the Teachers

Being a programmer for years, Teacher Kia has always been passionate about promoting coding education among the youth to help bridge the gap between what is being taught in schools and what is relevant in today’s highly digital world. With her commitment to continually improve on her craft, she has completed a Masters Programme in Artificial Intelligence Engineering and an International Baccalaureate Computer Science Diploma Programme (Cat. 1). Teacher Kia is also certified by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) and is currently completing her Master of Education in Advanced Teaching degree.

Teacher Ed, a former preschool teacher, has taught and worked with kids for most of his career. He has a diploma in Computer Technology from NIIT and is a business graduate from DLSU. Fueled by his passion for teaching and technology, he has devoted his time teaching kids coding at JACK. Teacher Ed is certified by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) and has mentored young students who have succeeded globally.

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