IT In The Philippines

What’s the current state of the country when it comes to IT? Despite the efforts exerted both by the government and the private sectors, it is a sad fact that the Philippines is still far behind when compared with the other countries when it comes to programming. In fact, Silicon Valley-trained Filipino software experts said only 10 percent of information technology or computer science graduates are “hireable” (source)

Thus, for the country to ensure its spot in the growing field of coding, the Philippines must produce more “hireable” graduates. The 0.25 percent participation of the country in the global industry could be reversed given the number of potential talents that the country can hone.

This honing could be done by teaching kids about coding early on, such as by integrating computer programming courses in high school (or even elementary) or sending kids to coding schools during summer breaks.

Learning to program is a long and intricate journey, yet being honed in it could benefit not just the coder but also the entire country.