Coding Myths


Photo from Microsoft

Coding is for nerds. Saying that coding is for nerds is the same as saying that singing are just for birds. It doesn’t make sense. Everyone can code! It only takes a matter of practice and dedication, and coding could be done.

Coding takes place in dark basements. Have you seen Google’s office? How about Facebook’s? If not, then I have a video showing Google’s office below for you:

I know the video already says a lot about debunking this second myth, so let’s move on to the third one.

Coding is just for males. In this era when women empowerment is becoming more and more prominent, saying that coding is just for males is a hasty generalisation because there are a lot of women that are capable of coding just as men! For instance, did you know that the person who did the code for the Apollo Guide Computer was a female? Yes! She’s Margaret Hamilton! There’s also Susan Kare, who helped bring the Apple computer to life with her sophisticated typography and iconic graphic design skills!