New Hobbies!

Quezon City and Ortigas are two of the fastest growing cities in the country, and with this growth come changes, which everyone, especially the kids, experiences.

Some time ago, kids were used to playing outside with sticks and stones or running around with their pals. However, the changes in technology have spurred new hobbies for kids, such as Internet surfing, chatting, and coding.

Kids learn to surf the Internet from merely watching their older peers do it. From searching their favorite cartoons, to listening to their choice of music, and even watching videos on Youtube, kids can do these all!

Moreover, chatting has been one of the most used forms of communication for them. The ability to use emoticons, GIF, and fun abbreviations make the dreary idea of talking more fun for them!

Coding for kids are often done in schools where they are taught how to make certain commands using texts, which the computer follows. In some cases, this hobby of coding has lead many kids to be recognized for making codes that run exceptional applications or power interesting robots.

With Internet surfing, chatting, and coding, kids in growing cities, like Quezon City and Ortigas, sure know how to adapt to the changes!